The Logo (English)

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Designer: Chia-Wei Yang

The designed logo for WorldMUN 2010 in Taipei is a butterfly.
It is an important figure in our story: The Butterfly Adventure.

The inspiration was from the island of Taiwan herself. In the 1960s, Taiwan was known as the Butterfly Kingdom in the world in terms of the number of butterfly species and output per unit area. Over 400 species of butterflies call Taiwan their home now, including some endemic species. After intense team discussion, we realized this historical significance of the butterflies and decided to make it the logo.

Chia-Wei Yan then visualized our ideas. The right side of the butterfly is similar to the shape of Taiwan; the left is also Taiwan, but flipped horizontally. The bright colors on the wings represent the liveliness of Taipei and also the WorldMUN spirit.

By the way, did you notice that the antennae actually wrote “2010”?