The China Post: Taipei to host WorldMUN 2010

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Taipei to host WorldMUN 2010

Sunday, July 12, 2009
By Paul Nieman, Special to The China Post

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Harvard World Model United Nations team's newly elected secretary general, Ami Nash, announced last week that the 19th session of Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) will be held in Taipei in March 2010.
WorldMUN is the most internationally diverse college-level Model U.N. conference and the largest outside of North America.
Every year around 1,650 college students from over 40 countries attend WorldMUN in a different location around the world. Moving to a new international city each year, WorldMUN is unique among the MUN conferences in its truly global character, remarked Nash.
Past locations include Puebla (Mexico), Geneva (Switzerland), Beijing (China), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), and Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt).
"On behalf of the Harvard team, I am pleased to announce to all members of the WorldMUN community, that after careful deliberation, we have decided that next year's impressive, we were particularly impressed by the creativity and dedication to the 'WorldMUN Spirit' displayed by the team from National Taiwan University (NTU)," Nash said in a written statement.
The international conference is to be held next year at Taipei International Convention Center (台北國際會議中心) from March 14 to March 19. It shouldn't be mistaken, however, for a mere introduction to United Nations methods. The days will be full of social events in which delegates can meet each other and get to know each other.
They will get to know Taiwan and experience Taiwanese culture. Meanwhile they will discuss international politics, diplomacy, negotiation and debate.
Delegates from all academic, cultural and social backgrounds will work together towards common goals. At WorldMUN 2010, ideas will come together and new ideals will be shaped. The resolutions that will be written during this conference will give them a glimpse of the world politics and world leaders of the future.
"Offering delegates the chance to debate pressing global issues; challenging students to take on new perspectives; and building strong new friendships that span across the globe; WorldMUN prepares its delegates to become the world leaders of tomorrow," Nash added.
The new secretary general noted Taipei is a perfect blend of modern and traditional cultures.
But mindful of the constraints the global economic crisis may place on many foreign delegations and committed to helping all interested students attend, he pointed out that WorldMUN will be expanding its financial aid program this year.
For further information on the upcoming Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) to be held from March 14 to March 19 at Taipei International Convention Center (台北國際會議中心) please log on to

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